2 Essentials of Web Design in 2015

Are you starting a fresh digital marketing campaign this year? Are you rebranding your company for 2015? Make sure your online presence is consistent with your improvements or changes. Start with your official website, and consider the elements it contains. Think of how you can tweak its features or alter the website altogether for it to fit in your new campaign or branding strategy. Continue reading


Lombard Web Design Agency Offers Web Auditing

Auditing is one of the things successful companies put their businesses to in order to analyze what proponents within one’s business are working, or to determine if some troubleshooting is required to resolve an issue within the company’s machinations, workflow, or output. For online businesses, auditing is still (and should be) practiced on their websites to determine its overall performance. Continue reading

The Link Between SEO and Web Design

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a worthwhile investment that can add value to your website, and maximize its potential to increase your sales and profitability. SEO aims to improve your website’s ranking on search engine search results pages, through such means as improving the site’s technical structure and the quality of its contents.

While SEO has been proven to be effective in driving traffic to a website, it cannot guarantee that viewers will stay long enough to learn more about the business, or purchase a product or service. Since the ultimate goal of a business is to make profit, huge website traffic isn’t enough. Website owners must find ways to improve their viewers’ browsing experience so the visits can translate to sales and profit.

This is where a good website design comes in. Your website must be created such that visitors can easily get the information they need and navigate through the pages as conveniently as possible. This will increase the chances that they’ll stay longer, and buy your products and services. Browsing experience matters greatly to a user.

Maintaining a good balance between SEO and website design is important. Think of SEO as the door to your home, and web design as the interiors. If your house is messy or uninteresting, don’t expect your visitors to stay longer or come back, even if you keep your door wide open.