Why WordPress Works Well for You

A deep browse through five random websites may reveal disclaimers that go along the lines of “this website was created through WordPress 5.0” or the blog website’s latest version. Some websites even display the actual WordPress theme being used on the lower right side of the main page. It can compel you to ask why your preferred Lombard web design agency is using a blogging platform like WP to craft your business website. Here are a couple of reasons worth giving thought: Continue reading


Advantages of Professional Web Design

In today’s digital era, businesses engage in different online marketing techniques to boost their success online through increased traffic and conversions. Having a website isn’t enough; to be seen at all in the World Wide Web, you need every suitable strategy in the trade bag of a professional online marketing expert.

A great website starts with great web design. Quality content vitalizes the site pages, but take note—no one will stop long enough to read the content if the design and layout tire their eyes out, instead of leading them to focal points on the page. Here are a few tips: Continue reading

Speed Up Site Load Time with These Web Design Tips

In an age of fiber optics and sports cars, the need for speed is apparent. This couldn’t be any truer for business websites. According to researchers, your website has about four seconds to load completely; otherwise, you risk customers leaving your website. Not only does this mean you lost a potential customer, but it also results in the high bounce rates that can cause your site to drop in the search rankings.

Get your website running like The Flash by following these simple web design tips: Continue reading