A Lombard Web Design Agency Urges New Web Design Approach This Year

Just as you would want your business place to look presentable and welcoming to passersby, your website should look equally appealing and worth visiting to regular Internet users. With the help of a web design agency in Lombard, your website can have all the features necessary to attract visitors and urge them to visit again. Normally, a reputable web design agency like Grays Digital Consulting would suggest the design to be based on the latest trend, and not just on what the owner finds appealing.

In his article for Forbes.com, contributor John Rampton identifies three major features that a website should have, at least in 2015. He claims that these features are the latest trend and may increase a website’s marketability.


Lombard Web Design Agency Can Help You Harness the Power of Local Buzz

Many business owners believe that online marketing is something they should pursue only if they want to build a national or even international brand. The truth is: online marketing is primarily done with a local audience in mind. Have you ever searched for a business on Google without adding a location? What do you think comes back to you in your search results? That’s right, local.

Your business can be one of those highranking local search results if you work on creating Local Buzz for it. Did you know that over 50 percent of online searches for products and services resulted in customer visits? With the prevalence of mobile technology, more people are searching for your business on the Internet, and you better make it easy for them to find you.

Mobile Optimization: Why It Matters to Businesses

Optimizing a website for mobile users has occupied many entrepreneurs these days, and it demands your attention as well.

You’re probably wondering: What’s so important about it, and why should you invest time into it? To answer your question, here are specific numbers. Just two years ago, mobile commerce comprised 23 percent of all online transactions; with companies owning mobile-optimized websites enjoying a good 5 percent conversion advantage over non-participating competitors. With the prevalence of mobile devices today, however, you can only imagine how big these numbers have grown.

Mobile optimization is critical to today’s business landscape because of another reason: mobile users behave differently, adding to the fact that their numbers are growing. Compared to desktop users, mobile users want information in quick, easily comprehensible bits. You should also take note of the fact that most of the purchases made by mobile users are often impulse buys, and that statistics show them spending more for such purchases.

In addition to the facts mentioned above, mobile users also share one thing: they can get dissatisfied pretty quickly. Various studies have shown that roughly 43 percent of consumers are unlikely to revisit a slow-loading mobile site, with 40 percent of them also likely to turn to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

One thing is certain: without mobile optimization, you’re missing out on a lot of good things. If you haven’t upgraded your website yet with the help of a professional web design agency, it’s time to do so.