Doing Away with Obsolete Web Design Trends

Web design trends, like most trends, are here today and gone tomorrow. If your business website is still adhering to older web design trends, you might actually be holding yourself back from enticing prospective visitors to do business with you. To know if your website needs a revamp as soon as possible, check for any sign of these outdated web design trends.

Blocks of Texts

Long ago, a lengthy, text-filled website might have looked professional and academic to visitors. Today, however, it might only give them a headache now that users opt for more visual web experiences. To remedy this, simply cut the text to the essentials while heavily investing in quality visuals.

Irrelevant Features

Ideally, your website should be able to present your story and your products and services to visitors, something that you can’t achieve with irrelevant features or elements. Though they might seem like great additions to your website at first, they merely downgrade user experience in the long run.

Autoplay Videos

It’s always great to have videos tell the story for you, but it wouldn’t do to have them played against the user’s wishes. Not only does they cause annoyance, they also restrict them from interacting with your website’s content.

Mobile Versions

There was a time when mobile versions of websites were an added plus for businesses, but with the increasing emphasis on mobile surfing nowadays, the need for mobile versions is replaced by the need for responsive web design.


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