2 Essentials of Web Design in 2015

Are you starting a fresh digital marketing campaign this year? Are you rebranding your company for 2015? Make sure your online presence is consistent with your improvements or changes. Start with your official website, and consider the elements it contains. Think of how you can tweak its features or alter the website altogether for it to fit in your new campaign or branding strategy.

Here are three essentials that a Lombard web design agency can help you accomplish when redesigning your website:

Responsive Design

There’s no way around it: you have to ensure that your website is easily accessible and attractive across desktop and mobile devices. Find a company with professional website designers or software programmers who can modify your website into something more mobile-friendly and optimal. The site has to be easy to navigate no matter what browser or gadget it’s accessed in, and it should be visually pleasing at the same time, which brings you to the next point…

Standout Graphics

Big, clear, and interesting photos and other digital graphics are part of the most visited websites today, and even small businesses should have them in their online presence. You have to be comprehensive in integrating graphics—from your website’s colors and font to the pictures or illustrations in it. Of course, great graphics should not be at the expense of slow page load times and other user experience sacrifices.


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