Speed Up Site Load Time with These Web Design Tips

In an age of fiber optics and sports cars, the need for speed is apparent. This couldn’t be any truer for business websites. According to researchers, your website has about four seconds to load completely; otherwise, you risk customers leaving your website. Not only does this mean you lost a potential customer, but it also results in the high bounce rates that can cause your site to drop in the search rankings.

Get your website running like The Flash by following these simple web design tips:

Expires Headers

Whenever a visitor clicks on your link, their browser will automatically download several files from your website. Naturally, the presence of these files help improve your website’s loading speed in the event that the user decides to return. These files usually expire after 24 hours, however, you can change the expires headers of these files so that they stay active for longer.


Admittedly, it’s easy to get carried away with the number of plugins your website uses. After all, they’re so easy to add, and they provide your site with a diverse range of functions. Take note though, that adding too many plugins will make your website load slower. Try to stick with the essentials. Similarly, the same logic can be applied to pictures and videos.


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