Making Your Website Better and Mobile

Suppose you’ve had a relatively successful online business that has seen customers come back because of your quality offerings. However, when you check the customer feedback, a growing number of messages read along the lines of “the site is hard to view over a mobile device, please fix this.” That can be the smoking gun you need, considering that internet traffic through mobile devices has spiked by several degrees of magnitude over the past four years. There are ways to make it happen, with help from a web design specialist:

Bite-sized Cookies

You may have visited some websites through a mobile device, so it’s time to use that to your advantage in creating a mobile page for your business. Start by conceptualizing what important materials the customer should see on the site at first glance. Researching the feedback data, as well as looking at some competitor sites can give you clues on where to start. Try checking out your website through a mobile device too.

Simplified Layouting

A mobile-friendly website should have a layout that is easy to access. In this respect, the main page must have large buttons that will go to essential sections only. A mobile site of a food business that handles online orders, for example, should have the menu, customer account tab, and order tracking available from the get-go.

Your website going the mobile-access route can be the start of better things for your business. All it takes is the finger pressing the right button.


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